Our rental programme is designed to find a solution to suit you.

Keeping safety equipment compliant, serviced and in line with international regulations can be a time consuming business. We work with our customers in both the leisure and commercial markets to provide a solution that fulfils their exacting requirements.

An increasingly popular option for vessel operators is to hire safety equipment. The cost savings of hire versus purchase are quite significant and there is a host of benefits to be gained.

Hire options

The benefits to you

Capacity of each raft
Ocean Standard ORC Valise 4 6 8
Ocean Standard ORC Container 4 6 8 12
Charter ISO Valise 4 6 8 12
Charter ISO Container 4 6 8 12 16
SOLAS A-B Compact 4 6 8 12 16 25
SOLAS A-B Throwover 4 6 8 12
Open Reversible Lifecraft (ORL) 25 50 65 135

Hire liferafts available

The table provides an indication of the diverse models available in our hire fleet.

Hire form

For more information on our hire programme or to talk to a member of the hire team please email: hire@3sisafety.com